Midsummer Madness

A few years ago, my husband, my son and I started celebrating the summer solstice with a bonfire in the garden, over which we cooked sausages and toasted marshmallows.  The cocktails flowed, our son was allowed to stay up late and there was general hilarity.  A “selfie” from our first event shows us wearing garlands … Continue reading “Midsummer Madness”

Tea for Victory

Over the last fifteen years or so, my husband and I have acquired more tea sets than we can reasonably use (or house).  We didn’t set out to collect them and if pressed, we would not call ourselves “collectors”.  “Rescuers” feels like a better description, especially in the face of the appalling “smash the crockery” … Continue reading “Tea for Victory”

Painted eggs

Some time in the last forty years, my family started a new tradition.  Every Easter, we hard-boil and decorate eggs, then roll them down a steep hill, heading towards the sea.  We didn’t invent it; people have been decorating eggs and chasing them down hills at Easter for a very long time.  It was new, … Continue reading “Painted eggs”

Grandma cake

This is the cake that sustains me in times of adversity.  It isn’t fancy and it doesn’t demand artistry.  It is easy to make.  You rub together butter and flour, stir in sugar and dried fruit, then bind together with eggs and a little milk.  Scoop it into a buttered tin, bake in a medium … Continue reading “Grandma cake”

Bone marrow birthday

Yesterday, we celebrated my husband’s 18th birthday.  He (like most of his physical body) is actually 56, but his bone marrow is only 18 years old.  It was a gift from somebody we have never met and probably never will meet.  In September 2001, while the world reeled from the shock of the attack on … Continue reading “Bone marrow birthday”

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